Strategic risk solutions tailored to your needs

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Strategic risk solutions

Zurich's Strategic Risk Solutions Group (SRS) specializes in global integrated risk programs on a multi-year, multi-line basis. The benefits of integrated risk programs may include an optimized risk portfolio, lower administrative costs and greater contract certainty.

Why Zurich?

The Strategic Risk Solutions Group maintains an inter-disciplinary team with experience in property and casualty insurance, management liability, finance and law with proven experience in combining multiple lines of insurance into highly individualized programs that meet the specific, often unique needs of today’s corporate customers. 

Since 1997, the Strategic Risk Solutions Group has executed hundreds of transactions for virtually every industry and exposure type.

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Strategic risk solutions

Integrated program solutions: the basics

While each integrated program is customized to the needs of the client, there are certain characteristics common to most:

  • A single aggregate limit: Rather than requiring the insured to buy separate coverage limits on a transactional basis, an integrated program can be structured with a single aggregate limit that applies to a company’s portfolio of risks.

  • A multiple year term: Integrated programs typically extend over a three-year term, which provides the insured the benefit of a stable rate regardless of market conditions or loss experience.

  • Management of a multitude of risks: Integrated programs typically encompass at least three lines of coverage.

  • Basket aggregate protection: Retained loss volatility can be managed by controlling the total amount of retained loss the insured could face in a given period of time. 

  • Management of risk where traditional market solutions are inefficient or unavailable. An integrated program offers a platform for combining elements of risk transfer and risk financing.

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Structured risk financing

Zurich's Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) Group specializes in Structured Risk Financing that encompass elements of both risk transfer and risk financing for customers seeking alternatives to help them deal with their most difficult and complex risks. Structured Risk Financing is innovative and highly customized to specific customer needs – often including both traditional and nontraditional risks – all in one efficient, long-term solution. It may be incorporated into an integrated risk program which can be utilized to protect both corporate customers and their captives.

Structured Risk Financing may include:

  • Loss sensitive excess programs
  • Basket aggregate and captive aggregate stop-loss programs
  • Dual trigger programs
  • One-off solutions for complex and/or unique risks

When the conventional insurance markets don't have the right solution, Structured Risk Financing can deliver the innovative alternatives that today's corporate customers require.

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