Mid-sized and multinational businesses

It’s hard to join the global marketplace without support. Zurich’s centrally managed policies can be a valuable resource to control risk.

Why Zurich?

Zurich’s customers can have access to up-to-date local laws, codes and regulations via the Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (MIA) app to keep you informed on the constantly changing world of international business. 

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Solutions for mid-sized and multinational businesses

Zurich Envoy


Zurich Envoy® is a package program designed to move businesses from a domestic focus into international markets. The single master policy is modeled after your U.S. forms. Envoy's master program makes it easy to compare differences in limits and differences in conditions of local policies. Zurich Envoy offers solutions in:

  • Property and casualty
  • General liability
  • Excess auto/motor
  • Foreign voluntary workers’ compensation/employers’ liability (FVW/EL)
  • Business travel accident with Zurich Travel Assist®*

This is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers through World Travel Protection Canada Inc. WTP operates as a third party travel insurance administrator for Canadian life insurance companies and banks, and is expanding its travel assist capabilities internationally.

*Zurich Travel Assist is a registered trademark for travel assistance coverage and administered by World Travel Protection, a member company of the Zurich Insurance Group.


A market leader in providing solutions to global customers, Zurich has a team of experienced international underwriters who are dedicated to the middle market customer. They work closely with domestic underwriters to design a package program to meet customer needs here in the U.S. and anywhere in the world.

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Workers' compensation

Managing a global workers' compensation exposure is one of the most challenging risks to manage. It's heavily regulated, varies by region and country, cumbersome to administrate and can greatly impact your company's operations, productivity and profitability. Get your employees back on the job quickly and safely with the Zurich solution.

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General liability

For companies with global exposures, Zurich offers a network of coverages in over 120 countries and territories. Zurich will work with you on a flexible and practical general liability solution for your company.


Zurich’s vehicle protection products can help ease the burden of owning or leasing a vehicle overseas. Commercial customers can place a local primary auto policy in virtually any country by coordinating with Zurich upon request.

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Business travel accident

Zurich offers insurance protection for domestic and international business travelers. Business Travel Accident with Zurich Travel Assist®:

  • Provides insurance for any Employee traveling out of his/her home country for business travel or short-term assignment
  • Zurich Travel Assist offers accident medical, physician and hospital information, personal and legal assistance 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world, in the event of unpredictable circumstances

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