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As advanced techniques breathe new life into mature oil fields and previously inaccessible resources, the risks associated with such operations are evolving as well.

Jeanne Jankowski, Head of Energy & Marine, Zurich Global Corporate, North America

Energy insurance solutions

By leveraging a global energy mix of traditional oil and gas exploration and production techniques, power generation technologies and the ongoing integration of alternative energy sources, energy providers are working hard to meet the world’s growing demand.

Whether in production, processing, logistics or storage, your insurer needs to provide coverage tailored for the energy markets you serve. Zurich’s experienced energy insurance and Risk Engineering professionals strive to dive deep into the needs of your company and the risk challenges of your segment of the energy business to customize an insurance and risk management approach for your needs. So, whether your company is a multinational energy producer or a mid-sized company serving customers in North America, Zurich can offer the solutions, experience and specialists to help you manage the risks of your world. 



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Head of Energy and Marine, Zurich Global Corporate

Jeanne M. Jankowski brings more than 25 years of extensive underwriting and marketing... About this expert